Splash Ducks


Join in the fun, it really is a sight when nearly a 1000 ducks ‘swim’ (race) along the canal at the  Knysna Waterfront
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Quack Attack   
On Wednesday, 28 December at 14h30, find a good spot on the harbour walls at the Knysna Quays for the SPLASH Quack Attack, a fun yellow duck race for up to 1,000 ducks! Buy a numbered duck for R25 and watch it compete in the heats. The idea is for the tide and wind to encourage the ducks to ‘swim’ along the water canal under the bridge. Racing will consist of 5 or more heats with the first 10 from each heat racing in the final.

Total prize money is R4,000 and the person holding the winning number of the first duck over the line will win R2,500, second R 1000.00 and third R500.00.

Date: 28th December 2017
Venue: Knysna Quays – Yacht Bridge
Duck Sales: 23 & 28th December (Knysna Quays)
28th Knysna Yacht Club deck From 10:00 (with Swim registration)

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